ALGOP Chairman Responds to Governor Bentley’s Decision to Refuse Syrian Refugees

Yesterday, Governor Bentley announced that he will not accept Syrian refugees relocating to Alabama.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan made the following statement regarding Governor Bentley’s decision:

“Governor Bentley is making national news in his decision not to accept any relocation of Syrian refugees to Alabama after the tragedy in Paris. President Obama is intent on bringing 100,000 refugees into our nation with no process to check their security backgrounds.”

“Americans are the most loving people on earth, however, we cannot put our safety aside in these trying times. We need to pray for the Syrians fleeing their nation and for the innocent, but at the same time our first obligation is to our nation’s safety.”

“I commend Governor Bentley for making this bold move and putting the protection of Alabama families and citizens first during these trying times in our world.”

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