It is Time to Defund and Repeal the Affordable Health Care Law

We face a difficult path forward to the 2014 mid-term elections.  We, the Republican Party, with the help of the Tea Party, were successful in capturing the House of Representatives in 2010, but have been unable to make much progress in repealing The Affordable Health Care Act or as it more commonly known, “Obamacare”.  This law was passed using the Slaughter Rule.  Under this procedure, the House voted on a rule setting up debate.  The House then skipped a vote on the Senate passed version of Obamacare and moved directly to a vote on reconciliation amendments to that Senate passed bill.  Once the reconciliation passed, the House deemed the Senate bill to have passed the House without a direct vote.  It was then sent to the President for signature without a direct up-or-down vote on the bill by the House.  The Affordable Health Care Act is a law that the majority of the American people oppose and as they learn more about it, many of the assurances provided by the president have proven to be false.  For example: health care costs are rising; health care options are being lost; services are being curtailed; and, in addition, fill-time employment is decreasing so that companies can avoid having to pay health care costs.

Do not be silent!  Contact our Congressional Representatives and Senators and encourage them to pass a budget bill that does not fund the Affordable Health Care Act.   Write or call the Speaker of the House and let him know that these are the times that try the American Citizens’ souls and that there is no reason for the American people to be burdened with an ill-conceived and unwanted law.  The Republican Party Leadership (the Senate Minority Leader and the Speaker of the House), our Senators and our Congressional Representatives must have the political courage to defund and repeal a bad law.

It is time to end the continuing resolution train and pass a budget that funds the government without funding the Affordable Care Act.  We must demand that our Republican leaders stand up and fight and not enter into this budget battle with a surrender document.  I understand their concern about closing the government and the potential back-lash, but I believe that a shut-down of the government is better in the near-term, than having to live with the long-term bad effects of the Affordable Health Care Act. Encourage them to pass a budget that funds the Government, but does not appropriate funds for Obamacare.  Do it today!  Write! Call! Send an email! Send a Tweet! Send a Fax!


John A. Como
Madison County Republican Executive Committee

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